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On this site, we believe:

Racial inequities must be solved in order to live in a prosperous and equal society.

All identities are valid.

Healthcare, housing, food and education are human rights.

Globalism is the key to achieving world peace.

Radical decolonization and reclamation of indigenous lands will allow us to truly reflect on the mistakes and atrocities of our ancestors.

If we don’t act fast, the climate will overtake us and we will all die within the next decade.

Read these important posts for progressive insight and enlightenment!

The Truth About the Cuban Insurrection. (TW: Racism, Violence, Trump Discussions)

July 14, 2021 As you may have seen in the news in the past few days, thousands of Cubans have taken to the streets in Havana to protest a lack of COVID-19 vaccines, poor healthcare, and a lack of food. These protests became violent, with common symbols of hate like Trump flags and American flags…

Let’s talk about TITS!

July 7, 2021 No honey, not that kind. While “tits” is a misogynistic and transphobic term to describe the lactating organs that some people possess, it is also an acronym for The Ideology (or Identity) Tolerance Spectrum. This is used to measure how tolerated an ideology or identity should be, or how tolerated it is.…

Celebrate July 4th by Burning your Conservative Neighbor’s USA Flag!

July 2, 2021 This is the month we have all been dreading. According to the unofficial progressive calendar, it is Immigrants’ Month. However, no major institution has acknowledged this so we will need to spread activism until it is recognized. Queer Pride Month also came to an end, and people are starting to take their…

Jesus was a Queer Progressive Icon

June 10, 2021 When you think of Jesus and Christianity as a whole, you may be reminded of white nationalism, queerphobia, and climate and covid deniers. However, you’d be surprised to hear that Jesus was actually an icon of progressivism, queerness, and intersectionality. His entire being embodied oppression and he was also a very notable…

In the Heat of Pride Month, Let’s Rename Every Month!

June 6, 2021 (trigger warning: some offensive language explaining societal issues) We all know what month it is. It is the only month where queer people can feel included and human. Pride month is significant in a lot of ways, but it is not a very common occurrence to have entire months dedicated to marginalized…

We Need to Talk About Instagram’s Censorship of Activist Voices

May 28, 2021 You may have heard of certain right-wingers complaining about being “censored” by social media companies, specifically when talking about Donald Trump being deplatformed after the January 6th insurrection. Some conspiracy theorists on the right also bring up fact checkers on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as “proof” that the right is…

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