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Meet the Founder!

Hi folx, I am Bertha Syndersyn! My pronouns are kim/jong/un. I am a social justice activist who wants to promote empowerment, equality, and progress for all.

Bertha Syndersyn:

I am Bertha! I currently reside in the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea, but I also have a house in Palestine and a house in Transnistria. I am a transracial Black demifemme, I am fluid in age, and I range between 16 and 85 years old. I am a genderfluid neopronoun user and my pronouns are kim/jong/un. I am also a proud fat femme, and I am an advocate for all identities, and believe that any marginalized group deserves liberation and empowerment. I identify as demiplatonic, aromantic and polysexual. I am also an advocate for the climate, and I identify as radical. I am here to show that radical wokeness is not a bad thing and that it will actually cure a lot of society’s ills. I hope that I can enlighten you with my words of self-love, liberation, tolerance, equity, and empowerment!

What I Do

Chief Media Advisor for the Kim administration in Pyongyang

World-renowned human rights advocate and climate activist

Work in the Field of Activism

Advocate for the Palestinian People: (2021 -) Since Israel’s problematic bombing and invasion of the Gaza Strip, I’ve been at work advocating on social media for the invasion to stop. I am a radical #freepalestine activist and stand for the Palestinian people who have been at threat due to colonization and invasion.

Radical Black Lives Matter Activist: (2020 -) I’ve been advocating for Black Lives Matter since the start, but since George Floyd’s killing in May 2020, I’ve been hard at work ensuring that police are defunded and hopefully abolished sometime soon!

Anti-Borders Activist: (2019 -) I see borders as a way to keep Black and brown people out of white countries, and since AOC called out the Trump administration on its horrendous concentration camps to systemically exterminate Latinx individuals, I’ve felt the need to speak out.

Feminist and MeToo Advocate: (2017 -) Since birth, I’ve been a feminist. I am an advocate for womxns’ empowerment, fat liberation, and the destruction of rape culture, diet culture, toxic masculinity, the male gaze, and systemic misogyny. I’ve been advocating for the #metoo movement since 2017 when it rose to fame.

Social Justice and LGBTQIA+ Warrior: (2015 -) In 2015, I knew Trump was a threat. How his white supremacist speeches attracted the masses and how he was actively trying to undermine predominately minority countries like China, Mexico, and Arab countries. I took action as a social justice warrior and also began advocating for LGBTQ+ rights consistently due to Donald Trump’s threat of taking away trans rights.

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